Something you have been avoiding for day, weeks or years……..Belajar bahasa Inggeris contohnya :)

Ciee….bang olan bisa basa inggeris rupanya bah..!!%$%^

Blo’on keneh mang…ha..ha…ieu ge hasil kelas writing…yang gak harus diambil kl bisa writing inggeris ;p ……

tapi isinya asli koq 🙂


I did not like speaking in English and writing in English when I was younger. I even hated English. I started learning English in junior high school and I never liked it until I got to college. For me, English was like math, which most students do not like it. English grammar was really like math because there were so many formulas and rules that it made me confused and I tried to avoid every subject that used English. I did not really know why I felt like that. Maybe it was because I thought English was not really important for me since I lived in Indonesia, which does not use English as a second language. Or maybe it was because English grammar is so different from Indonesian Language, which has a very simple structure. The Indonesian language does not use different verb form for different tenses for past or present, and it does not have different pronouns for different gender, or maybe I hated English because I could not pronounce the words in English well. Those difficulties made me avoid learning English and ultimately my English never improved and eventually I regretted it. Avoiding learning English constricted my chances to overcome my future challenges.

Since junior high school my mind has been set believing that English is difficult, that I did not need to learn English and that English was not my priority. This mindset made me uneager to learn and practice English. Every class of English from junior high school until college had never made my English better. I almost got a low grade in English in every semester. I never got more than 6.

My mindset started to change after my first year in college. It was only a small change. When I entered college, I took a nursing major in University of Indonesia. Almost all the textbooks that we used were in English. I faced challenges adapting to the classes, which using English textbooks. Even though I did not need to write in English, I still needed to read a lot of books in English. I had to make notes, presentations and papers based on the textbooks, but translating chapters and summarizing the main points were very difficult. I used the dictionary a lot to help me to accomplish the tasks. This situation made me frustrated and I still did not like English yet. However my vocabulary increased bit by bit. From this experience I started thinking that I should learn English better. That idea was only flashed in my mind, but it never became a reality.

One day in the third year of my undergraduate, I thought more about my future. What would I do after I graduated from college? What should I prepare? What were my next steps? Those questions brought me to one conclusion. I needed to continue my education, and I hoped I could get a scholarship to study abroad so I could get more success for my future. Those questions led me to think more about the importance of English. It is not only an international language, but also one of the requirements to apply for a study abroad scholarship. All study abroad scholarships require good English speaking, writing, reading and listening. They use TOEFL or IELTS scores to measure our ability in English. I needed to improve my English skills if I wanted to continue my education after graduating from college. I recognized that it was a necessary to learn English, however I never took a step to improve my English ability.

It was still really hard to start learning English more seriously. I considered much more about the importance of English when I started working. I had a supervisor who was highly motivated and innovative. He asked me to accomplish some projects with English term in the Hospital where I worked. For example, since we did not have some standard of care for particular patients, we tried to adopt standards from developed countries, but most of these standards were written in English. We searched international standards on how to improve our services in the hospital. This was very difficult to accomplish because of the limits of my English ability. My work place also received many students from the Netherlands who did their internships. They spoke English for all communication. To help them with their internship process, my supervisor asked me to accompany them as long as they were in the hospital. That situation pushed me to use English many time even though my English was not really good.

Eventually another thing that really made me to consider that I need to learn English was when I needed to apply for a scholarship to continue my education abroad. I needed to fill the form out with English. I need a decent TOEFL score. If I could pass the administrative review I would continue to the interview step. In this step, the selection committee would interview me in English. Those challenging situations led me to think that I need to learn English seriously.

I felt regret that IWP_20141222_09_17_19_Pro did not learn English well when I started taking English in junior high school. I missed so many chances to improve my English ability. I thought that if I had had the right mind set, I would have had a different perspective and it could have motivated me to learn English better, and then I would not have needed to spare more time to learn English. However life was still going on and I could not change my past. The only thing that I could change was my future. When I thought about my scholarship application, I thought about the need for fulfilling the requirements, especially those related to English. The only way to do that was to learn English better and get the highest TOEFL score, improve my English speaking, writing and listening as well. This was important because that
would help me to pursue my advancement in my education and career. I should absolutely pay for my mistakes. Therefore I needed to learn more
and practice more. Although it was still not easy, I tried to love English and learnt it with eagerness.Direlease…setelah keluar grade 8 dari 10. Meningkat sedikit dari SMP & SMA 🙂

Buat yang mengalami hal yang sama…..ya sudah biarkan saja…gak bisa diapa2in wkwkwk

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tetep teu aya jawabna bah…….

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